A link in a form to a file from the layout


A link in the layout

Sometimes you need to link a document, e.g. a PDF file with Terms and Conditions. It’s easy when you want to insert the link in the layout. Just add the file in the file tree in the Design tab, as shown below:

Add the following code to the HTML file:

<a href="$misc/regulations.pdf$" target="_blank">Link</a>

A link in the form

It’s no longer that easy when you want to insert the link not in the layout but in the form, for example in the “Confirmation checkbox” or “HTML area” field. Calling “$misc/” will not work in such a situation. Here’s how you can bypass the problem.

Add the following code in the relevant field:

<a href="" target="blank" id="link_id">Link</a>

and the following code at the bottom of the Body section in the HTML layout file:

<script language="JavaScript">
if (getPageNumber() == 1) {

and now you can enjoy your link in the form. For more about inserting JavaScript in layouts, see here.

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