Box Properties


As you already know, all form fields need to be placed in boxes. To place fields more conveniently or fit more of them in a box, you can assign different parameters to boxes.

Most importantly, a box can have a header. Depending on a theme settings, a header highlights a part of a page to some extent:

However, you might want to separate some fields from the rest (or group them for hiding, for example), but without marking them with text in any way. To do so, create a box without a header:

The box above contains only a declaration field. This way you create an impression that the field is embedded in the form without a box, or is inside another box.

If you need to include an exceptionally large number of fields in a form, there is a way (even two ways) to arrange them in two columns.

First, you can place a box column break element in the box. This creates the following effect:

The box column break element was embedded (like other fields) between the “Produkty kredytowe niezabezpieczone” (Unsecured Loan Products) and “Produkty kredytowe zabezpieczone” (Secured Loan Products). This has enabled the fields to be packed in a single box with twice the density.

Second, there may be situations where the field sets that you want to arrange in two columns do not belong together in a single box. If the left and right columns need separate headers, do as follows:

Set the appropriate box types: half-width left for the first one, and half-width right for the second one.

The above column arrangement methods can’t be combined—you can’t break ‘half-boxes’ with box column breaks.

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