Building forms from ready-made modules


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When you create a lot of forms, at one point you realise that a new form is very much like another that you’ve created before. The same fields, selection lists and T&C confirmation boxes keep popping up in your various forms.

Creating those elements from scratch each time would be a waste of time. ActiveForms allows you to save created elements and reuse them in new forms.

Having selected a fragment of a form that you want to reuse often in the future, click it in the form tree and select Save as...

A pane for entering the name of the saved element appears. From now on, the element will be displayed in the My Items list, which you can use anytime you add new fields to a form.

Note that if you change your source component (the one you have saved), the changes won’t affect the component saved under My Items. In general, saving an item to My Items and then embedding it in a new form always boils down to copying, and not linking to a separate instance.

This allows you to save single fields (with their validation, contextual help etc.) as well as entire boxes. Next time, when you need the “Home address” field, pull it from the My Items list in its entirety and use immediately in your form. You can build your forms from ready – made modules and components.

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