How to clone a form?


It's quite ussual situaltion, that the quickiest way to build your form is to take an existing one, copy it, and introduce only minor changes. For these cases we have a dedicated function: 'Duplicate form'.

You can find it on form details screen:

We click, choose a name and URL for our new form and confirm a choice.

What about releases?

Only current draft of a form is copied. Released form versions are not duplicated.

What if we wanted to copy a release? We have to perform following operations:

  • Create a new release basing on current draft - so that we don't loose it
  • Find a release that we want to clone and click 'Edit as draft' link next to it. That copies selected release into draft and runs Form Builder. 
  • Quit Form Builder
  • Clone a form
  • Go back to the source (old) form and we click 'Edit as draft' by the release we created in first step. That rollbacks our draft to the state from before this operation.
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