Exporting entries to a CSV file


Once you’ve created and published your first forms, it’s time to think how to retrieve entry data from ActiveForms. The easiest and most convenient way is to export them to a CSV file. Today, we present a short how-to on configuring that mechanism.

First of all, you want to see what entries have been submitted, so click Entries (wnioski). in the main menu. Select a form and a date range at the top and click Search. A list of relevant entries is displayed:

At the bottom, under the entries, there is a list of ActiveForms data export formats. Select CSV-multirecord and then click the Set format link that appears next to it.

An export configuration pane appears:

Here you can specify:

  • Separator – what the column separator is (usually the semicolon or comma);
  • Value separator – what characters enclose values (usually single or double quotes);
  • Multivalue separator – how to separate multivalue field values (in multiple choice fields like the Checkbox list; they are usually commas or spaces);
  • File encoding – if you want to open a file with an older version of Excel, select Central European (Windows), otherwise select UTF-8.
  • Whether the first row should be the header and include field codes.

Of course, you also need to specify which fields should be exported—that is, which columns should be included in the file. Click Select columns to display a list:

Apart from fields from your form you can also select metadata: the date and time the form was submitted and its number.

Having selected the columns, click the Selectbutton, and confirm by clicking Save. The CSV export configuration has been saved.

Now, whenever you want to retrieve data from this form, just filter for it and select (Download all) or (Download selected).

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