Faster than ever


We all know exactly how important it is for the convertion rate so that web forms run quickly. If we force people to wait for the page loading - the will go and never come back.

During past weeks we've been doing a hard job on optimizing web forms and today we are happy to give you the fastest forms on web!

We cut HTML rending time by half. Today even quite big forms show in about half a second! That's very important, particuraly in case on presenting them on mobilde devices.

The second nice new feature is Mobile Preview. In FormBuilder you can simply take a look how your form looks in a smartphone:

What's more in new version:

  • Live validation runs much faster
  • Testing draft version works as fast as published releases
  • Forms can be submitted by Enter or Ctrl+Enter
  • Hidden fields can have a random default value. You can setup field this way, that it gets a random numeric or alfanumeric value.
  • For every form you can setup a period after entries will be automatically deleted.

Stay tuned!

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