Forms in Your Own Domain


Once you’ve set up your ActiveForms account, your forms are served at https://activeforms.com/CLIENT/FORM by default. However, it usually makes more sense for forms to work in your domain. When users visit your website and want to disclose their personal data to you, they should see your domain in the browser bar.

How to do that?

As all forms are served only using an encrypted connection, configuring your own domain is a process:

  • You email us about it at support@activeforms.com.
  • We generate you a CSR file and assigns an IP for you.
  • We email you the CSR file and the IP address.
  • You buy a certificate for your selected domain from a trusted certification authority (Thawte, VeriSign). You will need the CSR file received from us.
  • You add an entry to your DNS servers that redirects the domain to the IP address you received from us.
  • You send us the certificate file you bought.
  • We configure the system so that your forms work in your domain: https://DOMAIN.COM/FORM

What domains can forms work in?

In any domain where you can redirect traffic to our servers using DNS entries. This means they can’t work in the same domain as your company website, for example. Creating a subdomain is a common solution—our customers serve their forms in domains like forms.raiffeisen.pl, forms.ingbank.pl etc.

Configuring your own domain doesn’t mean your forms will stop working in the activeforms.com domain.

You can associate any number of configured domains with your ActiveForms account. All your forms will then work in all your domains.

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