Grouping Fields


Fields embedded in forms are always placed in containers.

The basic containers that all other items have to be embedded in are boxes. No item can lie outside a box, and no box can lie inside another box.

A fieldset is a grouping element that is smaller than a box. A fieldset groups fields visually. Embedding fields in a fieldset allows you to:

Arrange fields one after another:

Or make an additional indentation and arrange fields one under another:

Apart from the above visual possibilities, grouping fields in a fieldset offers the following benefits:

  • Configuration of dependencies for the entire group—you can set actions like Hide, Show, Disable, Enable once for the entire FieldSet, instead of setting them for each field separately.
  • Support for Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop actions on the entire fieldset.
  • The ability to save the entire group of fields to the My Items library.

A fieldset groups fields to enable better visualisation and placement as well as to simplify work with the form. You can place any fields in a fieldset, but you can’t place other fieldsets there.

The third container which allows you to group fields is the multifield. A multifield and a fieldset are fundamentally different. The logic of a multifield makes it a field, but graphically, it is represented as several fields on a form. Some good examples of multifields are credit card number:

The value of a multifield will be saved as the entire string of characters entered in all its components with separators. Even though the credit card number will be visible as four fields on the form, the credit card number will be a single value. Multifield values are single character strings in PDF printouts, integration files and all other places.

Apart from embedded fields, a multifield also contains separators. Separators are fixed strings of characters that visually separate presented fields and are attached to entered values. In the examples above, separators are dashes (-), and the dashes will be included in the field values (for example 1234-5678-8765-4321).

A multifield allows you to define the first separator, i.e. a string of characters that will be affixed at the beginning of the component values entered in the fields. With this solution, you can create a single component multifield and achieve the following result:

This means that each phone number entered in this field will begin with ‘+1’.

Only Single Line Text and Drop-down list fields can be placed in a multifield.

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