How to hide a form page?


There is a simple, basic principle when creating forms: they have to be as short as possible. Each additional field can only lower the conversion ratio or the percentage of people who make it to the end of the entry. That is why you need to hide all fields your specific user doesn’t need.

How to do that? Let’s follow the setup process of a form where we want to hide an entire page:

Imagine we have an insurance policy purchase form. On the first page, the user indicates whether they are insuring themselves or another person. If the user is buying the policy for themselves, the data of the insuring and the insured persons will be the same and we’re not making them enter both sets of data. We can then hide the entire page with the insured person’s data.

First, in the tree on the left select a page (or another item like a box or field) that you want to hide:

Second, o to the Properties tab and find the Initial state section at the bottom. Choose whether the page should be visible or hidden by default:

Third, click “Add condition” to specify the circumstances in which the page is supposed to be hidden (or displayed). The logical condition creation pane appears:

The condition specifies when the selected item gets hidden. If the condition contains many components, you can specify below whether all (AND), one (OR), or a combination (AND-OR) of conditions should be met.

Sometimes reversed conditions are more convenient, i.e. when an item should be shown. You can obviously specify them by selecting another option on the Properties tab. Just remember one principle for building conditions: all the fields that the condition is based on need to precede the element that gets hidden. For example, you can’t hide page 2 depending on the value of a field on page 3.

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