How to Know about Submitted Entries?


If an entry processing system is integrated with forms built in ActiveForms, it may be required for the ActiveForms to inform the system about each submitted entry. ActiveForms provides an API that enables retrieving all entries, but it has to be actively queried. If the external system doesn’t query ActiveForms periodically about new entries (‘busy-waiting’), you can use the mechanism described below.

In FormBuilderze, go into the Properties Form element can include a mechanism to inform our system by the fact that an application:

Each entry submission will now send an HTTP(S) GET request to the URL specified here. You can use $fieldcode$ tags in the address—they will be replaced with values from the submitted entry. You can also use:

  • $efno$—entry number.
  • $efdate$—entry submission date in the YYYY-mm-DD format.
  • $eftime$—entry submission time in the HH:MM format.
  • $afEntryToken$—a random, alphanumeric entry token.

When your server receives such a request, it can react to the entry submission immediately. The data will most likely be retrieved via the API, but for small forms, you can send full entry data in the request itself!

When using this mechanism you need to know the following principles:

  • The ActiveForms server sends such a request only once and doesn’t analyse the response from your server. If your server wasn’t working at the moment or there was an error while processing the request, the request will not be repeated.
  • The request is sent between the servers without involving the user’s browser (unlike with the Thank-you-redirect).
  • Regardless of the way this mechanism works, your form user can see the thank-you screen or be redirected to an external page.

To sum up, this is yet another sleek mechanism for integrating and incorporating ActiveForms with your application ecosystem.

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