JavaScript Functions Available in A Layout


Sometimes, portions of your layout should only show or be hidden in specific situations. For example, a piece of text, some HTML code or a TradeDoubler script call should only appear on the Thank-You screen.

Until recently, we would write:

<script language="JavaScript">
    if (document.location.indexOf('/t') != -1) {

That was very cryptic and error-prone. Meanwhile, there is a set of JavaScript functions that allow you to apply the IF statement to your layout in a more sophisticated way:

  • getPlainURL() returns a ‘clean’ URL (with no parameters), e.g. without ‘renderer.slotId’
  • isEntryScreen() returns the information of whether we are on an EntryScreen (true or false)
  • isFormScreen() returns the information of whether we are on a form screen (true or false)
  • isConfirmationScreen() returns the information of whether we are on a ConfirmationScreen (true or false)
  • isThankyouScreen() returns the information of whether we are on a Thank-You screen (true or false)
  • getPageNumber() returns the current page number (for form screens; for other screens -1 is returned)

Correct IF statement usage for a Thank-You screen looks as follows:

<script language="JavaScript">
    if (isThankyouScreen()) {

These functions are easier and safer to use. Should the URLs of your forms change, your functions will still work (unlike in the case of document.location).

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