Multiple mail notifications


We are happy to announce a new feature: Multiple mail notifications!

From now on, each form submission can generate as many mails as you need. It's easy to imagine, that:

  • Different mail goes to you, informing you about a lead
  • Different mail goes to the customer, providing him some information about your product
  • Different mail goes to your support team, so that they knew who should they call


When entering mail notifications setup screen, you can see now a list of notifications:

As you can see, each mail can have completely different setup: different recipients, subject, content and format.

What's more, for each mail you can setup a logical condition when it should be sent. For instance, you can say that this notification should be sent only when a specified form field contains specified value.

If you need more complex condition, you have to add a special hidden field to your form. Then you setup Value Actions for this field, that set specified values under complex conditions. And this hidden field contains simple information if a mail should be sent or no.

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