Printout templating basics


Submitted forms often require printing, signing and posting or filing them somewhere. To make sure a printout looks as it should and meets your criteria, you need to establish its appearance. Printout templating is the way to go.

ActiveForms allows for the templating of printouts based on text documents with the .odt extension. This format is available in the free OpenOffice suite.

Create a document and format it as you wish. You are not limited in any way—use all the formatting tools available: tables, lists, paragraph styles etc. Insert $field_id$ where you want a form field value to appear.

Add your template in the Form Details screen,

or in the Form Properties tab of FormBuilder.

For fields like checkboxes, radiobutton lists or dropdown lists, printouts show their labels (descriptions) instead of the values. For fields with multiple values, like checkbox lists, all selected options are shown, separated with commas.

Printout templates can also include ActiveForms system variables. They are:

  • $efdate$ – the form submission date formatted as YYYY-mm-DD
  • $eftime$ – the form submission time formatted as HH:MM
  • $efno$ – the number of the submitted form

If you decide that the incoming attachment should be a PDF document by selecting the corresponding option in the email integration settings, the file template will be retrieved from the printout templating feature.

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