Publishing Forms Automatically


If you want your form to appear on the Web automatically, on a specific day and at a specific time, use the automatic release activation feature.

The form details screen shows a table of planned actions: Planned automatic activations. You can add an operation to the list:

By adding a new action for a release to the scheduler, select:

  • The type of action (activation or deactivation).
  • Which release to (de)activate.
  • On what date.
  • At what time.

You can plan an unlimited number of such actions, so why don’t you plan the entire activation, deactivation and form change schedule? For example, imagine a situation where one version is displayed on workdays and another at weekends. Or you prepare an offer that is valid only for 2 hours, and then the form returns to its normal state.

Remember that an activation schedule doesn’t check the sense of consecutive operations. If you plan three consecutive operations that deactivate various inactive releases, the system will try to execute those operations (which will have no consequences in this case). A similar situation will take place if you plan operations on a release which gets deleted before the operations are executed.

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