Redirect after Entry Submission


When a user clicks the Submit button, the entry data is saved in the ActiveForms database, and a thank you screen is displayed to the user. By default, the screen is defined and presented by ActiveForms, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can also configure the form so that the user is redirected to any server following their entry submission.

In the Form Properties tab of FormBuilder, switch "After submit" property to redirect. This requires providing the URL to which the user is to be redirected (don’t forget the http or https prefix).

Interestingly, you can pass data from the entry in the address using field codes. For example, by entering https://myserver.pl/?firstname=$first_name$&lastname=$last_name$ you will pass values entered in the first_name and last_name fields to an external server.

Moreover, depending on the data entered in the entry, you can alter the redirection address completely. There can be a form where the redirection address is https://$address$, and the address field value is generated by the ActiveForms engine depending on the entered data (Value actions).

This solution allows you to personalise the thank you screen, lead the user to a specific landing page or inform an external system about the submission of an entry.

Obviously, in the latter case, you always need to remember that such a request from a redirection will not always reach the target server—some users will close their browsers before they get redirected.

By passing entry data via a redirection address, you don’t need to worry about their format—they will be URL-encoded automatically.

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