As of version 3.6, ActiveForms collects and presents statistics from the form completing process. ActiveForms can track the behaviour of users who fill in forms in much more detail than standard statistics collection tools. Unlike Google Analytics, for example, ActiveForms collects user activity statistics at field level, and not just at the level of whole pages.

After selecting a form in My Forms, the following data is displayed at the bottom of the screen:

The numbers under the diagram mean the following:

  • Entries submitted – the number of entries received during the specified period
  • Visits – the number of form displays during the specified period
  • Convertion rate – entries submitted / visits
  • Bounce rate – the percentage of users who entered the form, but did not interact with it (they did not enter a single field and didn’t click anything)
  • Avg time for submitted – the median form completion time (applies only to submitted entries)
  • Avg time for abandoned – the median form abandonment time (i.e. visits that didn’t end in submitting the entry)
  • Validation errors for submitted – the median number of validation errors received by users who submitted entries
  • Validation errors for abandoned – the median number of validation errors received by users who started to fill in the form, but abandoned it eventually

The diagram shows how the above values changed within the specified time window. Clicking on a value displays a diagram of changes of the selected indicator. The vertical lines show the moments releases were activated.

This way we find out how effective our form is. In order to achieve a better conversion rate, we need information about spots that discourage users. To receive such information, click on Show Details.

Apart from the data we saw before, the resulting screen presents three summaries:

Page by page

The table shows all pages comprising the form and the numbers of people who reached specific pages. The following columns show:

  • The page number.
  • The number of visits and what percentage of all form visits this is.
  • The number of people who started entering anything on the page and what percentage of all form visits this is.
  • The average page completion time (for fully completed pages that allowed going further, based on median daily values).
  • The average number of validation errors that users received on the page (for fully completed pages that enabled the user to go further, based on median daily values).

Remember that if the form can hide specific pages according to logical conditions, this will be reflected in the statistics (as can be seen above).

Trouble fields

This table shows fields that cause the most trouble to users. The following columns are:

  • The field path.
  • The number of people who abandoned the form immediately after completing the given field (it was the last field they completed).
  • The number of form exits related to the given field (what percentage of all exits are exits following the completion of this field).
  • The number of validation errors for this field (for all users).
  • The number of validation errors (what percentage of all field validation errors are errors in this field).

Please note! The first two columns indicate the last completed field, and not the field users had problems completing. The reasons for abandonment should be sought beyond the indicated field. What happened (what was next) that made users abandon the form after they had completed this field?

Top page validations


This list shows the most troublesome validation errors related to the entire page. Only validations related to whole pages (based on multiple fields) are presented here.

Now, developers have a tool which lets them pinpoint spots that discourage users and spots that affect conversion. Of course, with FormBuilder, you can eliminate such blocks quickly.

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