Our true power is in integrating forms with your software.
Connect to our API, write your custom widgets, use your internal
dictionaries - anything you need to build exceptional solution.

Open API

ActiveForms has a REST API, which can be used to integrate forms with your domain system. Whole communication depends on sending XML files over HTTP(s) protocol. Every request is authorized and singed. With our API you can:

  • Retrieve and delete entries
  • Generate PDF printouts
  • Pre-fill forms with data
  • Get meta-information about yuor forms

If you build your application in Java, you can download our java client library. This way you save time on parsing XMLs and can focus on your business logic.

Watch and download sample client application written in PHP. You can take it, change, copy&paste code snippets - anything that helps you integrate with us.

Big players integrate with us:

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Custom controls

If you need a control or widget that looks or behaves in an unusal way, use our Custom Fields.

Write a bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code and embed it in the form. This way you can build

custom-made validators
Fancy widgets, like sliders or maps
Calculators computing field values

In order to integrate your custom component with ActiveForms engine, you simple impement methods of a JavaScript object.

Read a tutorial of ActiveFomrs custom controls:

Show custom controls specification

Mail integration

Entries from our forms can instantly fly to specified mailbox. Recipients, subject and mail content can depend on data entered in the form.

Entry data can be embedded directly in the mail content or they can be attached as TXT, CSV, XML or PDF file. Attachments can be safely encrypted with your public PGP key.


External services

Data entered in your form can be live-validated against you external validators. When a form is filled, it can connect to your service and ask if data is correct. This way you could verify your customer or even count his borrowing capacity.


Remote dictionaries
In drop-down lists or radiobutton fields, you can dynamically build option list upon data retrieved from your servers. That works perfectly when you give a choice of your outposts or dynamic product list.


Quick connection
to our API

Checkout our demo of client application. See how it works and download PHP source code.

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Integration with Amway
e-commerce platform

Our forms are closely integrated with a large e-commerce platform for Amway Europe. Every new Amway distributor in 30 european countries comes from ActiveForms.

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We are here to help you

Scope of support

  • Integration via API
  • Building custom controls
  • Fancy layouts
  • Difficult form configuration

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