How it works

5 easy steps from nothing to working solution
Look at step-by-step tutorial of implementing ActiveForms.

What is ActiveForms?

ActiveForms is a professional tool for creating and running web forms. Basically it contains two main parts:

  • Visual form builder for creating internet forms
  • Runtime for forms - engine for collecting data from created forms


Step 1: Build your forms

Enter FormBuilder and build your form:

All of these you do in the rich form editor. You can change every single detail of the form and have full control over layout

If you are new here and just want to look around, you can take a test-drive and try our Form Builder without registration.


Step 2: Publish forms

Everything you do in a FormBuilder is done only to the draft. Once you're ready, you create a form release that can be then published.

You can have as many form releases as you need: current published version, archive ones and a planned version for the future.

Our blog gives you detailed description how form versioning works.

Step 3: Embed forms on your website

Now your form is ready and you surely want to embed it on your website. A form is run on our servers and you simply link your website to ActiveForms. You can do this in three ways:

  • Embed a simple link (or redirect user) to our form
  • Embed a link to the form opening in a new browser tab
  • Embed an iframe with our form

If done well, embedding a form in an iframe gives you best results. Here you can find complete guide how to embed a form correctly.


Step 4: Collect data

When you customers fill a form, all data are saved and stored in ActiveForms database. There are several ways how you can fetch this data:


Step 5: Integrate with API

ActiveForms API gives you full control over all assets in your account. You can:

  • Fetch and delete entries
  • Send entries to edit with a form
  • Get meta-information about forms
  • Publish and deactivate form versions
  • Generate PDF printouts
  • Get meta-information about forms

Our API is simple and secure. It lets you tightly integrate your solution with our forms and even include a white-label form editor in you software.

See complete reference API



We are here to help you

Scope of support

  • Integration via API
  • Building custom controls
  • Fancy layouts
  • Difficult form configuration

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