FormBuilder for IT Professionals

not so easy, but so powerful


Conditional logic

Powerful logical conditions let you build very dynamic forms that change depending on entered data and user’s behaviour.

There are more than 20 types of conditions, including math, calendar and field comparisons.

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Full control over layout

We don’t tie your hands.

You are the owner of your forms and we trust that you know what you are doing.

You have full access to HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, so that you had a proper tool that supports your skills.

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PDF printout

Every form entry can be transformed to PDF printout upon an OpenOffice template.

For example, using data from the form, ActiveForms can generate customer agreement - ready to sign on paper.

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API access

We provide simple REST API that gives you full control over your account and date.

Use our API to retrieve and delete entries, push entries to edit with a form or generate PDF printouts.

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Custom controls

Using HTML and JavaScript you can build your own controls or widgets for your forms.

If you need specific validation, sliders, maps or integration with an external service, just write a piece of JS code and embed it in your form.

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Live validation

Data entered in your forms can be verified live - just after leaving the field. You can setup regular expressions, build logical conditions, calendar-dependent validators or even send data to external validation services.

All validations are performed on the server side. There’s no chance that user hacked JavaScript and obey your verification.

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Remote dictionaries

Option lists from dropdowns or radiobuttons can be synchronized with external feed.

Just setup a field with HTTP datasource address and it will always provide accurate and valid option list.

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We made a tool that we always needed ourselves.

Now, let it serve you.

It's the best software we ever made.

Wawrzyniec Hyska Product Manager ActiveForms


Developing the best form building
tool out there is a tough job.

It all started in 2006, when Twitter has just been born and Android was still a SF movie. We worked hard on large e-commerce forms for ING Bank. We used to hard-code every single field, label, message and validation alert. Every modification was a change request and was expensive and annoying. Client was upset about his money and we were frustrated coding such ordinary things as web forms.

So we came up with an idea of a visual form builder - a tool where one could setup a form by himself with no coding. Where changes could be done within minutes, and they would not need deployments or regressive tests.

Second system syndrome

In the fall 2006 we started building ActiveForms. During first months we were errupting with tons of ideas. What worse, we started coding them! The idea of Minimal Viable Product was not so known these days, so we tried to make an all-in-one platform. Our design was mile-wide and inch-deep - what was good for our minds, but poor for our product.

We wrote thousends of lines of code that we then busily removed. Tough experience, that fortunately put us into era of focusing. Beeing much wiser, we made a lot of important project decisions:

That we focus on

just as much
as FormBuilder
  Where one can build

most sophisticated
web forms
  And that we

build an API
and outsource all secondary features


After another year or two...

we finally get a product good enough to sell it to our enterprise customers. We implemented ActiveForms in Raiffeisen Bank Poland, Amway corporation and PZU (biggest insurance company in the country). And guess what: we got incredible tons of

Priceless feedback!

We listened to our users and watched their forms. We saw our baby helping them or annoying them. And we constantly tuned our soft, so that our early adopters still like us.

And since 2011 we’ve gone into area of user experience.

We wanted to show ActiveForms worldwide, but we knew, that it must be much nicer for demanding global users. We joined several modules into one FormBuilder and we pointed one evident target group: web developers.

It’s about you!

We assumed that people working on professional, enterprise web forms have some technical skills. That they understand HTML, CSS and JavaScript and don’t want to have hands tied.

That they have diffucult projects for demanding customers and that they need not a toy, but a professional tool.

We didnt’ want to be another wufoo or survey monkey.
We created engine that is not that simple, yet extremely powerful.

Now it’s ready.