A Trick: Viewing Field IDs on A Form


When you program integration or configure a printout template, you need quick access to the list of field IDs. You don’t always remember them and you aren’t always the original author. It is also inconvenient to keep entering and leaving FormBuilder.

Here’s a trick to help you and display field codes at the level of a published form.

First, paste the following code in the JavaScript file in the form layout:

function showAFMeta(){var d=epoint.eforms.DependenciesEngine;var c=epoint.eforms.CustomElement;var f=d.formNode;var _1=d.getElements(function(_2){return d.isField(_2)||d.isCustomComponent(_2);},d.formActivePage);for(var i=0,el;el=_1[i];i++){var _3;var _4=el.code;var ch;if(d.isCustomField(el)||d.isCustomComponent(el)){_3=c.getElement(el).iframe;if(d.isCustomComponent(el)){_4="";var ch=d.getElementChildren(el);var _5=[];for(var ii=0;ii<ch.length;ii++){_5.push(ch[ii].code);}_4=_5.join(", ");}}else{var _6=el.name;if(d.isComboboxesDateField(el)){_6+="_year";}if(d.isMultifield(el)){ch=d.getElementChildren(el);if(!ch[ch.length-1]){continue;}if(d.isComboboxesDateField(ch[ch.length-1])){_6=ch[ch.length-1].name+"_year";}else{_6=ch[ch.length-1].name;}}_3=f.elements[_6];if(d.isSeparateOptionsField(el)){_3=_3[0];}}if(_3&&_3.parentNode){var _7=document.createElement("span"); _7.innerHTML=_4;_7.style.position="absolute";_7.style.border="1px solid red";_7.style.background="white";_7.style.font="normal normal normal 11px monospace";_3.parentNode.insertBefore(_7,_3.nextSibling);}}};

Second, publish the form, and when it is invoked, type the following in the browser address bar:


There are red boxes with field codes next to each form field.

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