What's new at ActiveForms?

3rd Apr 2014

During past weeks we've been doing a hard job on optimizing web forms and today we are happy to give you the fastest forms on web!

We cut HTML rending time by half. Today even quite big forms show in about half a second! That's very important, particuraly in case on presenting them on mobilde devices.

29th Jan 2014

We are happy to introduce multiple mail notifications. When somebody fills out your form, ActiveForms can now send many mails - diferrent to you, different to your client.

5th Dec 2013

We are happy to introduce live, instant validation - performing just after entering data.

2nd Dec 2013

A short presentation with summary of major ActiveForms features

5th Dec 2012

Our guiding principle while designing ActiveForms was: forms change. You no longer create forms once and for all. If your form is supposed to sell something, it needs some work—correcting, optimising and testing. Just as websites or Facebook fanpages change, so do your forms.

20th Jan 2012

Last night, we upgraded ActiveForms to version 4.2. There are numerous changes and improvements across the user interface. We hope you like them.

4th Nov 2011

Today’s upgrade to version 4.0 has brought the Feedback tab on the administration panel. It was designed for you, ActiveForms users, so you can send us, the creators, ideas for modifications, patches and system development. Click the tab to display this pane.

4th Feb 2011

As of version 3.6, ActiveForms collects and presents statistics from the form completing process. ActiveForms can track the behaviour of users who fill in forms in much more detail than standard statistics collection tools. Unlike Google Analytics, for example, ActiveForms collects user activity statistics at field level, and not just at the level of whole pages.

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