What's new at ActiveForms?

5th Dec 2013

We are happy to introduce live, instant validation - performing just after entering data.

2nd Dec 2013

A short presentation with summary of major ActiveForms features

6th Nov 2012

When a file needs to be added to a form, e.g.:

  • a photo for a CV;
  • a scanned, signed document like a PO or a contract;
  • a screenshot in an error submission form;

use the “File upload” field and its extensive configuration options.

26th Oct 2012

Have you noticed significant differences in your layout, especially in MSIE 7 and 8? Does nothing help while the browser doesn’t respond to the simplest CSS entries?

21st Sep 2012

Today we’ll look at the jQuery library and its implementation in an AF form.

8th Aug 2012

Submitted forms often require printing, signing and posting or filing them somewhere. To make sure a printout looks as it should and meets your criteria, you need to establish its appearance. Printout templating is the way to go.

28th Feb 2012

ActiveForms are usually part of larger websites. The main question at the implementation stage is how to embed forms?

16th Feb 2012

Version 4.2 of ActiveForms introduced a new form component type—the Confirmation Component. It is used to present the values of form fields filled in on previous pages.

With long, multi-page forms the folding of which can have serious consequences (a product purchase or an official statement), users should be able to verify data before submitting them. That is when you place a Confirmation Component on the last page.

20th Jan 2012

Last night, we upgraded ActiveForms to version 4.2. There are numerous changes and improvements across the user interface. We hope you like them.

4th Nov 2011

Today’s upgrade to version 4.0 has brought the Feedback tab on the administration panel. It was designed for you, ActiveForms users, so you can send us, the creators, ideas for modifications, patches and system development. Click the tab to display this pane.

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