What's new at ActiveForms?

17th Apr 2012

Nothing makes us happier than new applications for ActiveForms that our customers come up with. One of them has recently built a Call Centre script!
How and why in ActiveForms?

10th Apr 2012

Your IT crowd love ActiveForms, even if they don’t know about it yet.

What do IT people dream about?

Ambitious projects, of course!

27th Mar 2012

The credibility of market research agencies is usually measured on the basis of their experience and competences. However, there are areas, projects or entire industries where those criteria contradict the business strategy of an organisation.

12th Mar 2012

Whenever a new sales channel is mentioned, the energy of corporate IT staff is inevitably channelled off into it. After all, every new business initiative, no matter how innocent, requires IT support. Sales and Marketing departments can usually express their goals and needs and sometimes even draw up the functional specifications of a potential solution. The problem is that their visions don’t always meet the expectations of users – partners in indirect sales and customers in direct sales.

2nd Feb 2012

People sometimes ask me if you can add a field to a thank-you screen. Can you ask users a question once the data is saved? For example, our survey is anonymous, but we would still like to know who completed it, because there is a prize draw?

5th Aug 2011

When do people submit entries, according to ActiveForms stats?

25th Feb 2011

We have completed the implementation of the largest form in the history of ActiveForms. To help you imagine its scale, here are a few figures...

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