Checkbox & Checkbox


ActiveForms allows you to embed two types of checkbox fields in a form:

  • checkbox list and
  • confirmation checkbox.

Each field serves different purposes. The Checkbox List is just that—a list of checkboxes. This field can have any number of options (i.e. checkboxes) and is used for multiple choice questions. A Checkbox List can have a validation that makes it possible to select, for example, no less than 2 and no more than 4 answers. Depending on the settings, such a field can look like this:

or like this:

A Confirmation checkbox has entirely different uses. It is a single checkbox with one of only 2 states: checked or unchecked. This field is used for statements and indicating acceptance of all sorts of terms and conditions or clauses.

This field is not presented like most other ActiveForms form fields. Firstly, the label of the field is presented following the checkbox—it is usually the content of the given consent. Secondly, when the Top layout is set, the field takes up the entire width of the box, which is very useful with long statements.

Why can’t you always use the Checkbox List? You can, but it would be inconvenient. The Confirmation checkbox was designed specifically for isolated but commonly used statements and indications of acceptance. Using this field makes it much easier to place a statement in a form properly, build logical conditions and configure validations.

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