What's new at ActiveForms?

13th Nov 2013

If you need a control or widget that looks or behaves in an unusal way, use our Custom Fields. Here you can find following tutorials about custom fields and components.

5th Dec 2012

Our guiding principle while designing ActiveForms was: forms change. You no longer create forms once and for all. If your form is supposed to sell something, it needs some work—correcting, optimising and testing. Just as websites or Facebook fanpages change, so do your forms.

17th Jun 2011

Custom fields and custom components are embedded in forms using IFrames. IFrames have their advantages (you won’t ruin your form by writing a custom element) but also their drawbacks. One of them is having to specify the frame width to avoid scroll bars.

13th Dec 2010

Previously in our series on custom elements we saw how to communicate with a remote server that provides some services to our form. But what if the server should not be publicly available? Remember that the entire custom element code (including the server address and the service) is written in JavaScript, and the code is visible in the browser.

4th Nov 2010

Today, we’ll create another custom field that will provide custom validation—the reason why many custom fields are used. To add some spice to this, the validation will be carried out on an external server.

7th Oct 2010

Let’s get down to business. This post will show you how to create your first simple custom element. We’ll focus on the custom field first, as it is simpler and used more often.

Our task is to implement a field that looks like a standard single line text field, but has a custom validation: it will check entered numbers for parity.

1st Oct 2010

Classification of Custom Elements

There are three groups of custom elements:

  • custom fields,
  • custom components,
  • custom component inner fields.

I hope the following explanation will make it easier to understand the use of those element types and the differences between them.

1st Oct 2010

Today, we begin a long series of posts on writing custom elements. I hope I’ll manage to explain the nuances of this topic over a number of posts so that anyone can implement their own ActiveForms control with just a little effort.

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