Default Form Field Values


Almost all ActiveForms form fields can have default values. When a new, empty form is opened, such a field will not be empty, but pre-filled. Obviously, there are slight differences in the configuration of specific field types:

  • Text fields – Single line text, Multiline text, Hidden and Custom – can have a default text value.
  • Single choice fields—Drop-down list and Radiobutton list—can have an option selected by default.
  • Multiple choice fields—Checkbox list and Multichoice—can have many preselected options.
  • For the Confirmation checkbox field, you can indicate whether it should be selected by default or not.
  • The date field can have a default date.

With dates, there are many possibilities, because you can select either a single, specific date (e.g. ‘06/06/2011’), or specify a date relative to the current date of completing the form (‘Today plus 3 days’, ‘Today minus 18 years’ etc.).

The File upload and CAPTCHA fields are not assigned default values for obvious reasons.

Default values are only taken into account when presenting an empty, clear form. When a user returns to the form having used the Save & Load feature, empty fields are not given default values.

Assigning default values to fields can have a beneficial effect on conversions. You might want to specify the default value ‘Poland’ for the ‘Country’ field or ‘Tomorrow’ for ‘Select the appointment date’. The fewer fields a user has to fill, the more likely the submission of the entry.

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