Embedding Script for GA, Gemius and Other External Tools


When you publish a web form, you always want to get as much information about its efficiency as possible. ActiveForms provides internal statistics for completed entries, but the owner of a form will inevitably want to connect it to a Google Analytics account.

Code for GA, Gemius, Coremetrics and other tools is embedded in the layout. Since a form layout is a HTML document that we freely create, we can embed any integration code in it. Many forms connect with multiple statistics engines at the same time. When embedding such code in ActiveForms, remember a few principles:

  • All script references must always use HTTPS. ActiveForms forms are always served via HTTPS, and if an element on the page (e.g. a Gemius script) tries connecting via HTTP, the browser displays security alerts. The default Google Analytics code detects the protocol automatically, but you need to take care of that yourself when using other tools.
  • If a tool code is to be executed only on the thank you page, use the isThankyouScreen() function or embed it in the thank-you screen body using the General Settings module.
  • If you embed counter code in the thank-you screen body, you can use $fieldcode$ variables, which will be replaced with form field values.

The first principle (connecting tools via HTTPS only) doesn’t apply just to counter scripts. Watch out for browser alerts also when embedding a Flash banner, for example. The standard Flash embedding code looks like this:

The banner configuration contains the URL where users can download the Flash plugin if necessary. If the address is specified with http (and not https), MS Internet Explorer will display an alert even if the plugin is installed and there is no HTTP connection at all!

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