How to write a call centre script?


Nothing makes us happier than new applications for ActiveForms that our customers come up with. One of them has recently built a Call Centre script!
How and why in ActiveForms?

First of all, a telesales script could be seen as a long web form. An example of such a script can be found here and is available as of today in the example form set.

While talking to a potential customer, the agent enters data in the form. Depending on the selected options, the form adjusts its content and layout dynamically to the current context of the conversation. The salesperson doesn’t need to guess how to lead the conversation or improvise.

The agent sees the script for the conversation on their monitor. The script contains messages and questions to read to the customer. Depending on the chosen path of the conversation, the agent suggests other products, reads other questions or asks for other data.

ActiveForms lets you build web forms with no programming skills necessary. A call centre script is an example of such a web form. Apart from standard data entry fields, it contains messages to read while talking to the customer.

ActiveForms offers the obvious benefit of speed when preparing phone conversation scripts. This convenient tool doesn’t require programming knowledge to configure any logical conditions that drive the form:

  • When should specific fragments be shown or hidden?
  • When should fields be mandatory?
  • Which selection options are currently available?
  • What are the data validation conditions?

With a tool that enables quick edits to such a script, introducing modifications is a snap. Has your product portfolio or availability changed? Are you offering new services? Adjust your forms yourself and in a flash.

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