What's new at ActiveForms?

29th Jan 2014

We are happy to introduce multiple mail notifications. When somebody fills out your form, ActiveForms can now send many mails - diferrent to you, different to your client.

20th Nov 2013

After each submit of a form, ActiveForms send an e-mail notification. Ussually we use this channel to send submitted entries to ourselves - forms owner. However, sometimes we need to notify our client. Since our form runs in our domain, mail notification should be also sent from there.

12th Oct 2012

Once you’ve created and published your first forms, it’s time to think how to retrieve entry data from ActiveForms. The easiest and most convenient way is to export them to a CSV file. Today, we present a short how-to on configuring that mechanism.

10th Apr 2012

Your IT crowd love ActiveForms, even if they don’t know about it yet.

What do IT people dream about?

Ambitious projects, of course!

22nd Feb 2012

ActiveForms is the best tool for building forms integrated with external services. An example of such possibilities is remote validation.

2nd Dec 2011

If an entry processing system is integrated with forms built in ActiveForms, it may be required for the ActiveForms to inform the system about each submitted entry. ActiveForms provides an API that enables retrieving all entries, but it has to be actively queried. If the external system doesn’t query ActiveForms periodically about new entries (‘busy-waiting’), you can use the mechanism described below.

14th Nov 2011

When you program integration or configure a printout template, you need quick access to the list of field IDs. You don’t always remember them and you aren’t always the original author. It is also inconvenient to keep entering and leaving FormBuilder.

25th Oct 2011

When you publish a web form, you always want to get as much information about its efficiency as possible. ActiveForms provides internal statistics for completed entries, but the owner of a form will inevitably want to connect it to a Google Analytics account.

13th Jun 2011

When you use ActiveForms on a smaller scale and don’t need to create a client application for processing entries, you can use simple integration with an e-mail account.

24th May 2011

Once you’ve set up your ActiveForms account, your forms are served at https://activeforms.com/CLIENT/FORM by default. Usually, however, it makes more sense for forms to work in your domain. When users visit your website and want to disclose their personal data to you, they should see your domain in the browser bar.

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