Walking through walls


Your IT crowd love ActiveForms, even if they don’t know about it yet.

What do IT people dream about? Ambitious projects, of course! Intellectual challenges are a major reason for choosing this profession. But how can you tackle a new stretch project when ongoing maintenance and support devour the vast majority of your time? That’s not how it was supposed to be!, many a disgruntled IT guy or girl thinks.

Give them something to match their ambitions

Now that you know that, sooner or later you will appreciate your unique role—after all, you can assign a creative task to those poor devils (and daemons) and turn their fate around. Besides, your company has needed an application to support forms for a long time now, hasn’t it? And not just for marketing. So, you go to the IT department and enthusiastically pitch the new project, only to face… a wall.

That is how you learn an important truth: corporate IT doesn’t like getting involved in projects they can’t brag about to the management or potential employers. Web forms don’t land you a promotion or even a bonus. You might even want to avoid the subject when having a beer with friends… So, if you don’t want your form solution to suffer from an adverse attitude of the IT team, you need another strategy.

Forms suck, integration is sexy

Don’t motivate your IT people to stoop so low as to build forms—create them yourself with ActiveForms. Prepare a prototype and present it to the IT team. Tell them you need their support to integrate an external web application with the company’s Business Intelligence system. Don’t forget to ask about the corporate requirements for data transfer security and data integrity. When in doubt, give them a link do ActiveForms and ask if this security level is ok with them (spoiler alert: it is).

The next stage will involve establishing the way incoming data should be stored, channels to feed the data with, the intended recipients and timeframe. IT people love speaking in specific terms. Remember that defining and configuring data sources for corporate reporting systems looks much better on their CVs than creating HTML-based marketing forms.

What have you gained?

  • a form solution;
  • the ability to modify it whenever you wish without exposing yourself to IT people’s passive agressive attitude;
  • your IT team will appreciate that they have been spared the trauma of routine development and graphic work on forms (yuck!);
  • your IT people will be grateful for the opportunity to show off their knowledge and skills and to participate in an interesting integration project.
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