Adding a file to a form


When a file needs to be added to a form, e.g.:

  • a photo for a CV;
  • a scanned, signed document like a PO or a contract;
  • a screenshot in an error submission form;

use the “File upload” field and its extensive configuration options.

What can you do with the “File upload” field?

  • change the “Add file” and “Delete” button labels;
  • specify the maximum file size in kB and change the validation text when the limit is exceeded;
  • specify allowed file types;

  • specify allowed image file types and their minimum and maximum sizes;
  • change the validation message in case the wrong image is added;

  • specify allowed file types (Specified) and add any types;
  • change the validation message in case the wrong file is added;

  • display a friendly indication of the file size (in kB).

Apart from that, the field offers all the standard options available for fields added to an ActiveForms form.

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