Flicking Channels


Whenever a new sales channel is mentioned, the energy of corporate IT staff is inevitably channelled off into it. After all, every new business initiative, no matter how innocent, requires IT support. Sales and Marketing departments can usually express their goals and needs and sometimes even draw up the functional specifications of a potential solution. The problem is that their visions don’t always meet the expectations of users – partners in indirect sales and customers in direct sales.

The risk is twofold. First, when their expectations are not met, customers and partners can easily get put off. People love complaining, and when your competitors find out about your problems, they are likely to seize the initiative. Second, even if the shortcomings are realized early on, it cannot change the fact that the budget has been spent, and people from the IT department or an external contractor who are familiar with the details have already been reassigned to other projects.

The scenario, however, can be very different.

Using only of ActiveForms, with no investments and risks, Marketing staff can create application interface prototypes themselves, without relying on an IT department or an external vendor. They can test, change and optimise them together with future users. This will ensure that the prospective final system supporting a new sales channel will address actual users’ needs. An in-depth analysis and usability tests with ActiveForms can reduce the time and cost needed for a future solution and no expensive changes will be required right after the deployment.

Moreover, many prototypes created by Marketing will only require cosmetic changes by IT (e.g. validations, privileges, security etc.) before they are used in production. After all, most sales channel supporting applications are forms to be filled in by customers or business partners. ActiveForms allows you to fill in, validate and submit forms, but it does not stop there – it also supports parts of business processes and interactively connects to back-end applications to calculate values, check data and so on.

With ActiveForms you can automatically fill in a contract document with data entered in a form and immediately print the contract for signing. In this simple way, paper-based workflow does not slow down electronic contract and customer registration, which translates directly into your company’s operating efficiency. In fact, there are many more possibilities. So, if you want to build a new call centre application, a customer service website or a sales system for mobile agents or a franchising chain, ActiveForms could be your friend.

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