What's new at ActiveForms?

20th Nov 2012

Sometimes you need to compare field values while submitting an entry or proceeding to the next page. Most often this applies to checking whether the “Email address” and “Confirm email address” values are identical.

It is very easy to set up such validation.

19th Nov 2012

Just add the file in the file tree in the Design tab, as shown below.

6th Nov 2012

When a file needs to be added to a form, e.g.:

  • a photo for a CV;
  • a scanned, signed document like a PO or a contract;
  • a screenshot in an error submission form;

use the “File upload” field and its extensive configuration options.

15th Oct 2012

When you create a lot of forms, at one point you realise that a new form is very much like another that you’ve created before. The same fields, selection lists and T&C confirmation boxes keep popping up in your various forms.

28th Sep 2012

To add a nonstandard font that is not included on the web safe list you can use the Google Web Fonts service.

21st Sep 2012

Today we’ll look at the jQuery library and its implementation in an AF form.

18th Sep 2012

Sometimes an unusual font is necessary—one that is not included on the web safe font list.

All you need are the corresponding font files (eot, ttf, woff) and ActiveForms.

5th Jun 2012

A key element while creating landing pages is a button that submits data efficiently—the so‑called Call To Action Button.There is a lot of information out there about designing good buttons. Just a simple change of the label can go a long way, as evidenced here. Strong visual accents often emphasize the button leaving no room for users’ uncertainty. How do you make such a button in ActiveForms?

26th Apr 2012

There is a simple, basic principle when creating forms: they have to be as short as possible. Each additional field can only lower the conversion ratio or the percentage of people who make it to the end of the entry. That is why you need to hide all fields your specific user doesn’t need.

20th Apr 2012

Substituting the logo is the easiest and fastest way to customise a form for your website. How do you make your logo appear on a form? With the following 6 steps that take 3 minutes to complete.

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