What's new at ActiveForms?

5th Dec 2012

Our guiding principle while designing ActiveForms was: forms change. You no longer create forms once and for all. If your form is supposed to sell something, it needs some work—correcting, optimising and testing. Just as websites or Facebook fanpages change, so do your forms.

28th Feb 2012

ActiveForms are usually part of larger websites. The main question at the implementation stage is how to embed forms?

26th Jan 2012

The ActiveForms platform was designed as a tool that is transparent to the end-user. A person who submits an entry sends data to the form owner, and not to ActiveForms. That is why you can serve forms from your own domain or prepare your own error page.

25th Oct 2011

When you publish a web form, you always want to get as much information about its efficiency as possible. ActiveForms provides internal statistics for completed entries, but the owner of a form will inevitably want to connect it to a Google Analytics account.

27th Sep 2010

Sometimes, portions of your layout should only show or be hidden in specific situations. For example, a piece of text, some HTML code or a TradeDoubler script call should only appear on the Thank-You screen.

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