The Confirmation Component—Confirming Entered Data


Version 4.2 of ActiveForms introduced a new form component type—the Confirmation Component. It is used to present the values of form fields filled in on previous pages.

With long, multi-page forms the folding of which can have serious consequences (a product purchase or an official statement), users should be able to verify data before submitting them. That is when you place a Confirmation Component on the last page.

In the component, indicate the fields that should be confirmed (because not all of them need to be). Each indication of such a field constitutes a field confirmation. You can specify labels for individual field indications; by default, this is the label of the field, but it is often a good idea to make the information more granular.

The order of the confirmed fields has to match the order of the form fields. If some fields are hidden due to configured dependencies, they will not be confirmed.

A lot of this functionality was already available as the Confirmation Screen. However, it was assumed that the confirmation is the last step in a form and no other fields can follow. The new Confirmation Component is much more flexible:

  • it can be embedded anywhere in a form;
  • it can be embedded multiple times (e.g. with different sets of fields to be confirmed);
  • it is subject to regular hiding and disabling actions, like any other form element.

The best examples of how this new component can be used are internet banking applications. The first page contains fields to be filled by users, and the second page includes a confirmation of the entered values and a field to enter an SMS code.

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