Look how easy it is to integrate with ActiveForms API


Integrating with ActiveForms API is easy. Here you have a demo of client application written in PHP. You can take it, use it, copy&paste - whatever you need.

The application is very simple. It has no database at all. Data seen on screens are retrieved directly from ActiveForms via API. Using this demo app you can:

  • Build new forms with ActiveForms form builder (via FormBuilder SSO)
  • View your form
  • Create, publish and deactivate form releases
  • View and print your entries

Run demo client application.

Here is complete source code in PHP. You can download it, get whatever you need and use in your applications.


In order to install client demo application, all you have to do is:

1. Download a zip file
2. Unpack it to your PHP server
3. Copy /libs/configuration.sample.php file to configuration.php
4. Update configuration in /libs/configuration.php
	define('SYSTEM_PATH', '/home/public_html/formsAPIdemo/') - setup path to application directory
	define('SYSTEM_URL', 'https://clientdemo.activeforms.com/') - setup URL for application
	define('API_KEY', 'xxxxx') - setup your API key from ActiveForms
	define('API_SECRET_KEY', 'yyyyyy') - setup your Secret API key from ActiveForms
	define('CLIENTCODE', 'apidemo') - setup your system url from ActiveForms