Finally, the right tool for qualified developers

There is no other form editor
that gives you so much power, period.

You can change every aspect of your form - every single label, message, screen or pixel. Sometimes that means more work - often it means more power. Especially when you need to translate your form to Mandarin Chinese.


Powerful logical conditions let you build very dynamic forms that change depending on entered data and user’s behaviour. There are more than 20 types of conditions, including math, calendar and field comparisons.


We don’t tie your hands. You are the owner of your forms and we trust that you know what you are doing. You have full access to HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, so that you had a proper tool that supports your skills.


Every form entry can be transformed to PDF printout upon an OpenOffice template.
For example, using data from the form, ActiveForms can generate customer agreement - ready to sign on paper. .


We provide simple REST API for managing forms, entries, printouts and account settings. With our API you can

  • Retrieve and delete entries (submissions),
  • Push entries to edit with a form,
  • Get meta-information about forms and their versions,
  • Publish and deactivate form versions,
  • Generate PDF printouts
  • And even manage your account!


Using HTML and JavaScript you can build your own controls and widgets for your forms. If you need

  • specific validation,
  • sliders,
  • maps
  • or integration with an external service,

just write a piece of JS code and embed it in your form.


Data entered in the form can be verified live, just after leaving the field. Validation can by performad against many rules. You can write your regular expressions, build logical conditions, calendar-dependent validators or even send data to external validation services.

All validations are performed on the server side. There’s no chance that user hacked JavaScript and obey your data verification.


Option lists from dropdowns or radiobuttons can be synchronized with external sources. Just setup a field with datasource address and it will always provide accurate and valid option list.


Whatever you do in FormBuilder - you work on Draft. Once your form is ready, you can release it and publish.
Any furhter changes of draft will not accidently affect your published version. And even after update, in case of any problems: you can always rollback to your previous form release.

Stay calm. You’re safe.


We are a tool behind the scenes . Forms built with our FormBuilder are hosted in your domain and end-user isn’t aware of a technology that stands behind them.


We know that you work for important, demanding customers.

We know, that you use ActiveForms in professional projects.

We are here to help you.


You can use our FormBuider as a component of your sofware

If you build workflows, CMS, ERP or any other enterprise solutions that need a great form creator - use our white-labelled Form Builder, transarently for end-user.